Military Resume

Instructor, 2nd Battalion, 640th Regiment (Training), Utah Regional Training Institute, Camp Williams, Utah. 
(MOS 12B4H - Utah Army National Guard)

140th RegimentDuties include Assistant Instructor for 13F10 MOS Course, Assistant Instructor for the DLITC Course, webmaster for the RTI, and additional Instructor duties as assigned (i.e.: BNCOC, TAITC, etc.). 


Platoon Sergeant, 3rd Platoon, C Company, 1457th Engineer Battalion (Corps) (Combat), Spanish Fork, Utah.
(MOS 12B4P - Utah Army National Guard)

Responsible for the training and supervision of a Combat Engineer Platoon. Coordinated and helped plan training for the platoon, supervised maintenance on the platoon equipment and provided administrative support to members of the platoon. Supervised the construction of two large buildings during Annual Training 1999 on the Alaska Road Project, near Ketchikan, Alaska. Assisted with the Family Support Group for the unit.  Instructed the Distributed Learning Equipment Orientation Course weekly.


Assistant Operations Sergeant, 1457th Engineer Battalion (Corps) (Combat), American Fork, Utah.
(MOS 12B4P - Utah Army National Guard)

Responsible for the day to day leadership of the enlisted soldiers within the Operations/ Intelligence Section. Organized, supervised, and reported training and training effectiveness of the section. Served as the Operations Sergeant in the absence of the Operations Sergeant. Served on the Headquarters Company Leadership Team and helped coordinate the Family Support Group. During the summer of 1994, taught MOS 12B to battalion personnel under the direction of the Utah Military Academy. During June through August 1995, served as a leadership evaluator and instructor for the Western Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Region Advanced Camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. During the period between June 1996 to March 1997, had temporary duty as the Operations Sergeant for the Distance Learning Team, Army Training Division, National Guard Bureau (ADSW).

Course Supervisor, Forward Observer Course, Casper and Laramie, Wyoming, 5046th US Army Reserve Forces School, Aurora, Colorado.
(MOS 13F4H - Army Reserve)

Responsible for the supervision of instructors of the Forward Observer Course (MOS 13F10). Supported the 3rd Battalion, 49th Field Artillery Regiment, Wyoming Army National Guard. During that period, I also served as a liaison between the Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard on University of Wyoming Military Day.


Primary Leadership Development Course and Basic NCO Course Senior Instructor, Casper and Sheridan, Wyoming, and Fort Collins, Colorado, 5046th US Army Reserve Forces School, Aurora, Colorado.
(MOS 11B4H – Army Reserve)

Responsible for the instruction of junior NCOs from the 461st Engineer Company, with units in Casper and Sheridan, Wyoming and C Co., 244th Engineer Battalion in Fort Collins, Colorado. Courses content included leadership, counseling, map reading, tactics, and various other military subjects. Taught BNCOC during the majority of the training year, and PLDC during the three Spring months and during annual training.

Army Reserve Recruiter, Casper Recruiting Company, Denver Recruiting Battalion, Casper, Wyoming.
(MOS 00E4H - Army Reserve)

badge2a.jpg (135477 bytes)Responsible for the Army Reserve recruiting for Wyoming and western Nebraska headquartered from the Casper Recruiting Station. Area included 95 high schools, 5 colleges and a university. Supported the 461st Engineer Company, Casper, Cheyenne and Sheridan, Wyoming. Awarded the Gold Recruiting Badge with three sapphire stars for recruiting 154 soldiers in the Army Reserve.


Combat Engineer Instructor, 6228th US Army Reserve School, Boise, Idaho.
(MOS 12B4H - Army Reserve)

Supported HHC and A Co, 321st Engineer Battalion with Combat Engineer MOS Qualification for its soldiers. During the course of a training year, the entire program of instruction for MOS 12B was taught. Responsible for course instruction, course organization, administration, coordination and the obtaining of training materials. Subjects included demolitions, mines, counter mines, obstacles, and breaching.

Platoon Sergeant, 3rd Platoon, A Company, 321st Combat Engineer Battalion (Corps) (Combat), Boise, Idaho.
(MOS 12B4P - Army Reserve)

Duties included supervision of training of a Combat Engineer Platoon, planning and coordinator of training, maintenance of platoon equipment, and administration of the platoon. Additionally, as the senior NCO, in the Boise detachment, served for a short time as the acting detachment commander, then as the acting First Sergeant during the relocation of A Company.


Advanced NCO Course Instructor, 6228th US Army Reserve School, Boise, Idaho.
(MOS 11B3H – Army Reserve)

Responsible for the coordination and instruction of senior NCO’s (SSG, SFC, PSG & MSG) from five Army Reserve units in the Boise Area, (6228th USARF School, HHC & Det. 1, A Co, 32lst Eng. Bn, Det. 1, 244th PSC, and Det. 2, 320th General Hospital).  Subjects included leadership, administration and counseling. PNCOC support at Annual Training, subjects included explosives, mines, and call for fire.

Basic NCO Course Instructor, 6228th US Army Reserve School, Boise, Idaho.
(MOS 11B3H – Army Reserve)

Primarily assigned to instruct junior NCO's from HHC, 321st Engineer Bn. Responsible for the recruiting, administration, and instruction in basic leadership, counseling, and drill & ceremonies.

Primary NCO Course and Primary Leadership Course Instructor, 6228th US Army Reserve School, Boise, Idaho.
(MOS 11B3H – Army Reserve)

Responsible for the instruction of combat skills to junior NCO's holding combat MOS's. Subjects included combat patrolling, call for fire, map reading, land navigation, M-60 machine gun, M-18 Claymore mine, PRC-77 radio, and camouflage.

Mortar Section Sergeant, F Troop, 2nd Squadron, 116th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Nampa, Idaho.
(MOS 11C2P - Idaho Army National Guard)

Directed training for the section members, served as the platoon sergeant when the three mortar sections were organized as a platoon. Operated the FDC (M-16 Plotting Board) for the sections. Also served for a short time as a crew leader of a cavalry scout vehicle, and as an assistant squad leader for both a scout squad (MOS 11D2P, now 19D2P) and for an infantry squad (MOS 11B2P) in the troop (prior to the reorganization of the troop resulting in the demise of the infantry squads).

Heavy Weapons Leader, Special Forces A-Team 6 (OpDet 125), B Company, 1st Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, Provo, Utah.
(MOS 11C2S [New MOS 18B2P] - Utah Army National Guard)

Duties included parachute jumps from high performance aircraft, the instruction of untrained personnel in the use of anti-tank weapons (106 mm & 90 mm recoilless rifles, mines and the LAAW), the M-60 machine gun, the M- 18 Claymore mine, demolitions, mortars, and various foreign military weapons. Cross-trained as a radio operator. Trained to survive and operate covertly behind enemy lines for long periods of time.

Infantry Rifleman, 4th Marine Division, Kansas City, Missouri.  
(MOS 0311 – Marine Reserve)

Reconnaissance Marine, Recon Team 2A2, 2nd Platoon, A Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam.
(MOS 0311/8651 [New MOS 0321] - Marine Corps)

Participated in long range reconnaissance patrols in the northern-most province of South Vietnam, in and around the Demilitarized Zone. Patrols lasting between 6 days and a month. Served variously as the team radioman, machine gunner, and grenadier. Operated in support of ten major operations, including Lancaster II, Kentucky, Napoleon/Saline, Nanking, Dawson River, Marshall Mountain, Dawson River West, Golden Cordor, and Dewey Canyon. Additional duties included ambushes, rough riders and perimeter guard.

Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation w/Oak Leaf Cluster, Vietnamese Gallantry Cross w/Palm, Vietnamese Civil Actions 1st Class w/Oak Leaves, National Defense Service Metal (2), Vietnam Service Metal w/3, Vietnam Campaign Metal w/Device, Good Conduct Metal (2), Army Achievement Metal (2), Army Reserve Component Achievement Metal (3), Army Service Ribbon, Armed Forces Reserve Metal, Overseas Service Ribbon (2), Reserve Components Overseas Service Ribbon (3), NCO Professional Development Ribbon w/ 3, Utah National Guard Achievement Ribbon, Driver Badge, Gold Recruiting Badge w/ 3 Sapphire Stars, Army Basic Parachuting Badge, & Republic of Korea Basic Parachuting Badge.



Military Education:
Basic Training, MCRD, San Diego, California, 1968.
MOS 0300, Basic Infantryman, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, Cp. Pendleton, Calif., 1968.
MOS 0311, Infantry Rifleman, 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, Cp. Pendleton, Calif., 1968.
MOS 8651 (now 0321), Marine Recon School, Cp. Pendleton, Calif., 1968.
Basic Airborne, Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, 1975.
NCO Academy, Utah Military Academy, Cp. Williams, Utah, 1976.
PNCOC Cadre Training Course, NCO Academy, Fort Indiantown Gap, Penn., 1978.
Primary Leadership Course, 6228th USAR School, Boise, Idaho, 1978.
Defensive Driving Course, Post Safety Office, Presidio of San Francisco, Cal., 1979.
BNCOC, 6228th USAR School, Boise, Idaho, 1981.
ANCOC, 6228th USAR School, Boise, Idaho, 1982.
Methods of Learning Course, Sixth Army MOSTC, Camp Parks, Calif., 1984.
Course Manager Course, MOLC, Sixth Army MOSTC, Camp Parks, Calif., 1984.
PLDC Cadre Training, 6229th USAR School, Camp Rilea, Oregon, 1985.
Army Recruiter Course, Recruiting & Retention School, Ft. Ben Harrison, Indiana, 1985.
Lee Dubois Sales Training, Denver Recruiting Battalion, Denver, Colorado, 1986.
Instructor Training Course, 5046th USAR School, Casper, Wyoming, 1987.
MOS 13F, 5046th USARF School, Laramie, Wyoming, 1991.
Distance Learning Instructor Training Course, NG PEC, Cp. Robinson, Arkansas, 1998.
Completed Correspondence Courses Include:
    Battalion Training Management System, 1981.
    Psychological Operations Course, 1992.
    Combat Engineer Course, 1993.