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Dear Friends and Relatives:

The Joseph Hunter Genealogy (click here for an overview of the book) is finished after several years of research. The long awaited history and genealogy of some of the ancestors and descendants of Joseph Hunter (born 15 March 1791 - died 4 July 1879) of Claiborne Country, Tennessee is ready for distribution.

It is a hard back book with 493 pages. There are about 241 pictures, charts, maps and documents. There is a 55 page index. There are over 13,000 ancestors and descendants documented in this book.

This is the story of the Jager/Hunter family that came to Philadelphia, PA in 1740 from the villages of Olsberg and Wenslingen, Switzerland. By 1781 the Swiss/German name had been changed to Hunter. The family migrated from Pennsylvania through Virginia to Jonesboro, TN and then to Speedwell, TN. A visit was made to Wenslingen, Switzerland where three 7th generation cousins were met. The Hunter/ Jager family has helped to establish this nation as we know it today.  Related families are: Ausmus, Bayless, Beeler, Berland, Bollinger, Bowman, Davis, Dunn, Edwards, Goins, Graves, Guy, Heinemann, Hopper, Lambert, Lasley, Leach, Lynch, McHenry, Maddox, Marsee, Moyers, Proffitt, Wurtz and Smith.  

It is my hope that you will enjoy owning and reading this book as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.

Patricia F. Hunter
Telephone: (865) 947-6459

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